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WORLD SLEEP DAY HUNGARY 2019 Press release




Due to the national holiday of 15th March, the World Sleep Day event was held on 12th March in Hungary, organised at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences by the Hungarian Sleep Association in partnership with the World Association of Sleep Medicine and the World Sleep Society. The event was opened by Secretary of State for Health dr. Ildikó Horváth and the President of the Hungarian Sleep Association György G. Németh. As part of the event, the Hungarian Sleep Book was published, the launch of the Hungarian sleeping therapist training was announced and the Sleepfriendly Hotel Award 2019 prizes were handed out.


In more detail:

The Hungarian Sleep Association, a professional and social organisation involving internationally renowned experts of Hungarian sleep medicine, wishes to boost global trends: as the world’s population is facing declining sleep trends, reversing these processes is a matter of international intervention. Secretary of State for Health dr. Ildikó Horváth emphasised in her opening speech: “Sleep of sufficient duration and quality is a basic requirement of a healthy life. It should be given at least as much significance as an active lifestyle, a healthy diet and non-smoking.”

It is a daily responsibility of doctors, healers, patients and healthy individuals alike to set forth the new directions of sleep sciences and be able to utilise their findings as quickly as possible. We support every endeavour that brings us closer to understanding the effects of fundamental physiological processes such as light, oxygen and water on our sleep and our everyday life. Sleeping is an essential and complex physiological process that affects the daily functioning of the body – we can feel its impact on our thinking and on our work, and even our skin reflects the quality of our sleep. We continue to gain more awareness of the fact that sleep disorders, while they may cause countless problems, are in fact systemic disorders that can have multiple adverse consequences – they may disrupt our daily rhythm, the harmony of our body and soul, and weaken our health. Humanity gets less and less and increasingly restless sleep. Hungary is no exception. According to the latest survey conducted by the Budapest Sleeping Centre, almost one third of the adult population is affected by some kind of sleeping problem, the diagnosis, treatment and curing of which is essential. György  G. Németh, President of the Hungarian Sleep Association said: “Due to our lifestyle, both the quantity and the quality of sleep people get is decreasing in Hungary. The prevention of sleep disorders and diseases is the foundation of maintaining an adequate lifestyle, the key to staying healthy. Sleep is an essential, complex process, and the key to understand it lies in its complexity.”


At the Sleep Conference of World Sleep Day presentations were held by the authors of the HUNGARIAN SLEEP BOOK published on the occasion of the event. dr. György Purebl (The Psychology of Sleep), dr. Zsuzsanna Vida (Sleep Medicine), dr. Róbert Bódizs (Sleep and Dreaming), dr. Imre Varga (A Holistic Approach to Sleep Problems), dr. Gábor  Szalmay (Sleep and Otolaryngology), dr. János Tóth (Orthopaedic Aspects of Sleep), Alíz Erdélyi-Sípos (Sleep and Diet), dr. Gábor Hermann (Sleep Disorders and Dentistry), dr.Beáta Szabó (Teeth Clenching and Grinding), dr. Edit Sándor (Sleep and Melatonin), dr. Ferenc Mátyás (Stress and Insomnia), Gergely Vada (The Global Sleep Industry), dr.József  Szabó (Hospital Sleep Programmes), dr. Katalin Szalay (Good Sleep for Good Health). Publication peer reviewer: dr.György Purebl, editor-in-chief: György G. Németh. Published by Galenus.


At the event it was announced that a sleep therapist training programme is going to be launched in Hungary in May, organised by the Academy of Decision-makers and sponsored by the Hungarian Sleep Association. By understanding the ideal sleeping conditions, the new specialists will provide practical assistance in creating an adequate sleeping environment and a proper sleep, not only for those suffering from sleeping problems; they will directly contribute to health improvement, healthcare and lifestyle awareness-raising activities. Éva Bartucz, director of the continuing education centre defining the professional requirements of the programme, said: “The students who successfully graduate from the programme will be the first representatives of a new profession.”


By recommendation of the Academy of Leadership Training, dr. József Gyurosovics, Pol. Brigadier General, Police Chief Counsellor, honorary university associate professor, Hajdú-Bihar County Chief of Police and Ernő  Krauzer, Pol. Colonel, Director of the Officer Selection and Training Department of the Ministry of Interior were awarded a recognition of excellence.


The Sleepfirendly Hotel 2019 qualification award was given to Hilton Budapest and Mala Garden Siófok as well as The Ritz Carlton Hawai, for the exemplary formulation of sleeping conditions and the dedicated work of their leaders for quality sleep. The international excellence qualification prize was awarded by dr. Richard Kiss-Róbert, International Director of the Sleepfriendly Hotel programme, Áron Szabó, Director of the Hungarian Tourism Agency, Zsófia Sárvári-Deák, Secretary General of the Hungarian

Hotel Association and György G. Németh, President of the Hungarian Sleep Association. (Further information: Hungarian Sleep Association,,


Professional partners of World Sleep Day 2019 Hungary: Hungarian Sleep Association, The Comprehensive Health Screening Program of Hungary, Semmelweis University Institute of Behavioural Sciences, Eötvös Loránd University Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, University of West Hungary Department of Healthcare Spokesperson and Communications Consultant, Hungarian Respiratory Society, Hungarian Dental Association, Hungarian Psychological Association, Hungarian Psychiatric Association, Hungarian Orthopaedic Association, Hungarian Dietetic Association, Hungarian Society for the Study of Obesity, Hungarian Society of Sport Sciences, Hungarian Association of Policlinical and Outpatient Health Services, Global Innovation, Linde Hungary, Fusion Vital, NiT Hungary (Federation of National Private Transporters) Elektro-Oxigén/Resmed, Pulmonary Institute/Törökbálint, Zala County St Raphael’s Hospital Department of Psychiatry, Budapest Sleep Center, Academy of Leadership Training, Academy of Decision-makers, Hungarian Hotel & Restaurant Association.

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