Sleep Friendly Excellence Award 2023

17 March 2023 – press release   The quality of sleep everyone is deteriorating at an unprecedented rate—highlights the Hungarian Sleep Association in its annual report published on the occasion of World Sleep Day. It is about a global phenomenon, the international sleep organization points out following the call to action of the World Sleep Society, underlying the direct involvement of some 80 countries. The Hungarian Sleep Association has been a member of the World Sleep Society for more than ten years, and thanks to this cooperation, top experts in the field held conferences at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences inspired by this year’s motto: health is kept if sleep is suitable. Just as proper nutrition and exercise, beneficial sleep is hence part of a desirable lifestyle and is inseparable from people’s psychological or spiritual well-being. By bringing together health institutions and companies specialized in sleep conditions, the Hungarian organization has been successfully implementing its professional programme in recent years as far as scientific knowledge dissemination is concerned. They use methods based on international standards to measure sleep quality, carry out research and surveys, publish books, as well as adopt the means of recognition of institutions that are achieving outstanding results in the field of sleep quality. As part of the Sleep Friendly Programme, awards are bestowed to sleep-friendly companies and hotels, and the best products are rewarded. The work of the Hungarian Sleep Association was recommended by the World Sleep Society for many years, bestowing it among the first organizations appointed the Distinguished Activity Award.   “The consequences of the COVID epidemic and the global crisis, as well as changes in everyday living conditions, have a significant impact on our sleep, which also affects our work and family life. On average, adults sleep 6 to 8 hours a week, below the internationally recommended 7-9 hours. There is a worsening trend in composite sleep quality indicators in Hungary, according to our scientific research over the past four years, conducted by the Sleep Association in collaboration with the Synapse Health Research Institute. The prevention and treatment of sleep disorders shall start with the right sleep environment and in case of deficiencies be subject to medical diagnosis of sleep disorders and sleep diseases that may lead to appropriate treatment.” – points out G. NÉMETH György, President of the Hungarian Sleep Association.       The speakers at the international sleep conference were Dr. BÓDIZS Róbert (Semmelweis University Institute of Behavioural Sciences), DANKOVICS Gergely (Hungary's Comprehensive Health Screening Programme), dr. FABÓ Dániel (National Institute of Mental Neurology and Neurosurgery), HAVASI Gergő (Sleep Ambassador), JÁSZ Anna (Experimental Medical Research Institute), dr. KÉSMÁRSZKY Róbert (France), KUN Eszter (Synapse), dr. LAKOS Gábor (Budapest Sleep Centre/Benyovszky Medical Centre), G. Németh György (Hungarian Sleep Association), dr. SÁNDOR Edit (Pharma Nord, Denmark), ÓBERLING József (National Police Headquarters National Accident Prevention Committee), VADA Gergely (Fusion Vital), dr. VIDA Zsuzsanna (Hungarian Sleep Association).

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Sleep Friendly Excellence Award 2023 - Sleep Friendly Company: JYSK Hungary, Pharma Nord Hungary, Coloplast Hungary. Sleep Friendly Hotel: Hotel Admiral Copenhagen, Botaniq Kastélyhotel Tura, Várda Sporthotel Kisvárda. Sleep Friendly Product: Havitu/Matrackuckó.  The awards were presented by the leaders of the Sleep Friendly Program, the Hungarian Sleep Association and the Hungarian Hotels and Restaurants in the presence of his excellency Erik Vilstrup Lorenzen, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark in Budapest. The inaugural speech was held by dr. TAKÁCS Péter, State Secretary for Health. Published by and for more information: Hungarian Sleep Association, G. NÉMETH György, President

Sleepfriendly Hotel program elismerések 2023

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World Sleep Day 2023 Hungary

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World Sleep Day 2022 Hungary

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