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WORLD SLEEP DAY HUNGARY 2018 Press release




 In Hungary, the World Sleep Day event, organised in partnership with international sleep organisations, took place three days before the official world event. The establishment of the Hungarian Sleep Association was announced by doctors, sleep specialists, organizations and institutions that have been working for a new sleep culture in Hungary in recent years.

World Sleep Day is celebrated on the Friday before the spring equinox, so in 2018 it is on 16 March. In Hungary, however, considering the rearrangement of workdays due to a public holiday, it was held on 13 March. It is aimed to highlight the importance of sleep in relation to quality of life. On this day doctors, researchers, healers and civil society organisations unite their efforts in many countries to point out that sleepiness and sleep deprivation constitute an ever-increasing problem and we should pay much more attention to prevention and treatment.

It was the 10th World Sleep Day in Budapest, organised in cooperation by World Sleep Day Hungary, the Hungarian partner of the World Association of Sleep Medicine, and the Budapest Sleep Centre. Experts say that in order to maintain a proper physical and mental condition as well as a high quality of life, quality sleep is essential. Not only do sleep disorders cause a number of diseases, they also contribute to a decrease in life span. According to a survey by the Budapest Sleep Centre, people in Hungary get less quality sleep than the European average. Empirical evidence shows that about half of the population have already experienced symptoms of sleep disturbance, but many don’t recognize or choose to ignore the problem.

More and more people and organizations step up to shape sleep culture in Hungary: somnologists, professional and civil society organisations, patients and their families, those with an interest in improving health care and those committed to a healthy life style. The establishment of the Hungarian Sleep Association (Magyar Alvás Szövetség) was announced at the event. Founders: Budapest Sleep Centre/Benyovszky Medical Centre, Fusion Vital, Global Innovation. Presidents: György G. NÉMETH, honorary associate professor and dr. Zsuzsanna VIDA, neurologist and somnologist. Board members: Gergely Vada, Attila Kovács.

Creating and maintaining an appropriate sleep environment is a part of sleep culture, and there are many industries involved in this. Sleeping arrangements and the conditions for refreshing sleep are of primary importance in hotels offering night stay, since guests spend most of their time in the hotel sleeping. This is what the Sleepfriendly Hotel Program tries to raise awareness on, while rating and certifying those who perform best in this regard. The best sleep-friendly hotels in Hungary were recognized with the Sleepfriendly Hotel Award on World Sleep Day. In 2018, Aria Hotel Budapest, Hotel Moments Budapest and Four Points By Sheraton Hotel Kecskemét of the city of Kecskemét received the distinguishing certifications.

World Sleep Day Hungary, World Association of Sleep Medicine Partner, Hungarian Sleep Society, Sleepfriendly Hotel Program Contact: György G. Németh ;, phone: 00 36 30/9 30 41 24