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World Sleep Day Hungary 2015




With the recommendation of World Association of Sleep Medicine in Hungary the World Sleep Day Hungary Program Office and the Sleeping Center of Budapest/Benyovszky Medical Center are the organizers of the world sleep day event. It was the 7th occasion in Budapest.

In Hungary a few but well-prepared specialists help to diagnose and to heal the sleeping disorders. According to a survey which was made by the Sleeping Center of Budapest/Benyovszky Medical Center the quality of sleeping of Hungarian people is below the European average.

As a consequence of stress, heightened pace of life and a wide range of neglected diseases three out of ten adults suffer from poor sleeping.

This is not only causes a gradual decrease in the daily work performance but – for example, among lorry drivers – it is a serious risk of accidents.

Prevention of traffic accidents caused by falling asleep while driving is now a prominent part of the international sleeping culture and national leaders prepare to make the legislative provisions in this regard in Hungary.

“In the recent decades research and treatment of sleep disorders has been a priority within the framework of lifestyle forming and hereanent WHO plans to declare sleeping as an independent scientific discipline” – said dr. György Pruebl the future president of Hungarian Psychiatric Association. In this work Hungarian experts assume a prominent role: WASM recognized the activities carried out for the Hungarian sleeping research with an Award of Excellence.


dr. Martha Varga gave a lecture on the relationship between sleep and eating.

Field of research: Hungarian Academy of Sciences – Institute of Experimental Medicine the team lead by dr. László Acsády caught the attention of scientific world announcing the discovery of a new nerve. In Hungary in the field of sleep healing traditional Chinese medicine can play a substantial role. Under the management of Dr. Gabriella Hegyi familiarization of traditional Chinese medicine is consecutive with the cooperation of Confucius Institute. The Institute will soon open its gates at the University of Pécs.

Speakers of the Sleep Conference of Budapest: dr. Zoltán Szakács, President of Hungarian Sleep Society, dr. Zsuzsa Vida, dr. Márta Varga, dr. Edit Sándor, dr. Zsolt Félegyházy.

The Conference was welcomed by Gábor Zombor, State Secretary for Health and by László Tasó State Secretary for Transport. This confirms the intention of government’s efforts aimed at strengthening the healthy lifestyle in this country. Insomnia is a global epidemic and its restraint requires concerted action from governments.

In the context of Sleepfriendly Program circumstances of optimal sleeping at accommodation place are also examined based on the Hungarian standard.

At the Sleep Center of Budapest/Benyovszky Medical Center results and outcomes of researches are processed and announced continuously.

The aim of the research team is to contribute to the recognition of the conditions of healthy sleeping which is the very essence of healthy lifestyle and of course to acquaint their experiences with general public.

At the World Sleep Day Hungary event Distinguished Activity Award honors were delivered to those whose work was remarkable in the field of sleeping culture. In 2015 the winners were Orange Mandarin Hotel and Accor ibis Hotels for their concept of bed and sleeping. The transmitters were dr. Ákos Niklai, Richárd Kiss-Róbert and György G. Németh executives of Sleepfriendly Program. Ibis has launched the global concept of Sweet Bed in 2012. Under the new program this hotel group has agreed to participate in the planning and the construction design of the beds and measures the satisfaction of sleeping guests.


G. Nemeth György congratulated Mr. Stefan Potoczki

In Hungary – just like all over the world – there are more and more people who not only think of sleeping in the case of illness and unpleasant symptoms but aware of the importance of it. Let’s pay attention to ourselves and others’ sleep quality, because it serves the vital function of being healthy.

In favor of Hungarian sleeping culture numerous doctors, healers, organizations, companies and supporters expressed willingness to join the newly formed Hungarian Sleep Association.

Partners of the event: Hungarian Sleep Society, Hungarian Psychological Association, Hungarian Psychiatric Association, Hungarian Society of Hypertension, Hungarian Academy of Sciences – Institute of Psychology, Semmelweis University – Department of Behavioural Sciences, Confucius Institute – University of Pécs, Chinese-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce – Department of Health, Hungarian Association of Hotels and Restaurants, Global Innovation, Billerbeck Budapest, Pharma Nord Hungary, JYSK Hungary, Matrackuckó Kft., Hangszita Kft., ABPM Art.

Media Partners: Lage Artis Medicinae (LAM), Ideggyógyászati Szemle, Hypertonia, Nephrologia, Mindennapi Pszichológia,,,,,,,

Budapest, 13-03-2015

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