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World Sleep Day 2022 Hungary

International Sleep Conference at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences    17 March 2022 

For World Sleep Day 2022 in Hungary, events relevant to sleep were organized across the country by the Hungarian Sleep Association.  The international sleep conference in Budapest was held at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, with its key subject being

How does the world sleep after the pandemic, in the looming shadow of war?

Neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, sleep researchers and other experts talked about prevention in public health, the necessary amount of sleep and the right sleep schedule, sleep disorders, the connection between the pandemic, sleep and depression, the latest findings on melatonin, and the role of sleep in regular exercising and sports. At the conference, the 2022 Annual Report on Sleep in Hungary was presented, eminent figures of Hungarian sleep culture were recognized (Sleepfriendly Qualifications), and for the first time ever, the mandate for Sleep Ambassador of Hungary was awarded.

The speakers of the conference were: Éva Bartucz, director, sleep training (JORMA); Gergely Dankovics, programme director (Comprehensive Health Screening Programme of Hungary); Eszter Kun, head of research (Szinapszis); dr. Ágota Lénárt, sports psychologist (University of Physical Education); György G. Németh, president (HSA); dr. Péter Simor sleep researcher (ELTE Institute of Psychology); Edit Somogyi (Pharma Nord); dr. Zsuzsanna Vida, somnologist (Hungarian Sleep Association); dr. Gyöngyi Szabó, psychologist (BOK); dr. Katalin Szalay sleep instructor (BOK); Gergely Vada, director (Fusion Vital), dr. Zsanett Tárnok (Mindennapi Pszichológia), dr. András Zelena (BGE). 

  • Sleepfriendly Product 2022 Award: Cardo Hungary 
  • Sleepfriendly Company 2022 Award: E-ON Hungary

Sleepfriendly Hotel 2022 Award: Hungary: Oxigén Hotel Noszvaj,  International:  Tschuggen Grand Hotel Arosa (Switzerland).

The first Sleep Ambassador of Hungary: Gergő Havasi, seven-time Hungarian kayaking champion

The awards were presented by  György G. Németh, president; dr. Zsuzsanna Vida co-president; Gergely Vada, vice president (Hungarian Sleep Association); dr. Róbert Richard Kiss, international director (Sleepfriendly Program).

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“During this period of pandemic, and in the looming shadow of war, the most important task of the Hungarian Sleep Association is to improve the sleep of people and to strengthen sleep culture. It is everyone’s right to have peaceful rest at night”, emphasized president György G. Németh on the occasion of WSD 2022 

In the conference venues, safe air conditions were ensured by the Therapy Air iOn air purifiers of Zepter International.

The press release is published by HUNGARIAN SLEEP ASSOCIATION